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  • Transformation literally means going beyond your form
    Wayne Dyer
  • A woman transforms her fate and turns into a river as a symbol of love and unity.
    Gandaki’s legend
  • Don’t push the river. It flows by itself
    Fritz Perls
  • And all the voices, all the goals, all the yearnings, all the sorrows, all the pleasures, all the good and evil, all of them together was the world. All of them was the stream of events, the music of life.
    Siddharta, de Herman Hesse (1922)
  • Nothing has changed, only me. Thus everything has changed.
    Anonimous Hindú

Gandaki trans-forms

This project is the result of a crossroads. 2 lifes which intertwine  to walk along the same path. Tributaries of a major river which meet and whose waters begin to share a journey together.
Gandaki is a river whose source lies in the Annapurnas, on the Himalayan range, and travels hundreds of kilometers til it merges with the Ganges river.
It is a sacred river which hides a beautiful love story. Ours as well as a Hindu legend. The union of both the feminine and masculine principles. The existing duality.
A commitment towards us and people. A project born with love and passion to support both individuals, groups and corporation’s empowerment through transformational learning and personal growth.

Gandaki river

The Annapurna’s circuit is a 230 km trek which goes all along the range of mountains reaching its peak at Thorong La (5416m).
Towards the 12th day, from East to West, you reach the Gandaki river. A walking path which, in order to go forward, has to cross the river.
Gandaki, source of water, life and movement. The starting point of a new journey.
Following the course of the river, without pushing too much nor going against the flow.


By its very definition learning is to experiment and this implicates movement. We want to be change agents by  accompanying individuals and groups along their transformation process by becoming aware and along the way discovering a new way of being and doing.
We wish to be facilitators of transformation, not only by re-shaping but at a more deeper level and by bringing tools, expertise and dedication to the process.    
With presence, respect and trust.


All paths are open to everyone, but you have to walk first.
Gandaki wants to built conciousness towards a new way of living in order to walk among this dynamic world we live in. Individual changes to build up together a more human world and to be more responsible with its evironment.


We deliver a passionate commitment to work with Love, Enthusiasm, Generosity, Gratitude, Compassion and Interdependence.



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